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English-Hindi > resonants

resonants meaning in Hindi

resonants sentence in Hindi
1.Since that resonant moment, fortunes have changed for all parties.

2.Yet his resonant connection with San Francisco should not be forgotten.

3.These are the resonant questions that demand and beg for answers.

4.Resonant bass Eric Halfvarson sang the high priest Ramfis with authority.

5.Norman sounded focused, resonant, and in very good voice.

6.Morris sang with great dignity and reservoirs of richly resonant sound.

7.And Meisel has created some of the most haunting and resonant.

8.Sutherland employs the peeling house as chief location and resonant leitmotif.

9.This makes the recent voices of protest all the more resonant.

10.Even the prince's resonant voice reminds them of Hussein.

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