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resonants sentence in Hindi

"resonants" meaning in Hindi
  • Since that resonant moment, fortunes have changed for all parties.
  • Yet his resonant connection with San Francisco should not be forgotten.
  • These are the resonant questions that demand and beg for answers.
  • Resonant bass Eric Halfvarson sang the high priest Ramfis with authority.
  • Norman sounded focused, resonant, and in very good voice.
  • Morris sang with great dignity and reservoirs of richly resonant sound.
  • And Meisel has created some of the most haunting and resonant.
  • Sutherland employs the peeling house as chief location and resonant leitmotif.
  • This makes the recent voices of protest all the more resonant.
  • Even the prince's resonant voice reminds them of Hussein.
  • Yet it is also resonant of the abduction scenes of antiquity.
  • Moser said, in a voice resonant of his Tennessee roots.
  • The politics of adulthood is resonant for more than one reason.
  • Both factors clearly contributed to the resonant realism of the piece.
  • American pluralism remains the most resonant political idea of our epoch.
  • About four or five days later, the resonant signal appeared.
  • The superheated exhaust gases exit through an acoustically resonant exhaust pipe.
  • The capacitor forms a parallel resonant circuit with the ignition coil.
  • One example of a micromachine sensor is a resonant chemical sensor.
  • The natural resonant period of Hilo Bay is about thirty minutes.
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