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English-Hindi > turnabout

turnabout meaning in Hindi

turnabout sentence in Hindi
1.The change in the presidency marked a stunning turnabout for Liberia.

2.That is a striking turnabout in the image of the Democrats.

3.I am no longer surprised by Castro's sudden turnabouts.

4.Three factors caused the turnabout, Republican and Democratic strategists said.

5."Well, turnabout's fair play ."

6.The focal points of the respective turnabouts are two old buddies.

7.The loss for the Christian Democrats amounted to a stunning turnabout.

8.Why the turnabout among Wall Street's finest analytical minds?

9.But other environmentalists hail the recent turnabout by the cruise industry.

10.Was this turnabout in Washington's Russia policy entirely unexpected?

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turning in the opposite direction
Synonyms: reversion, reverse, reversal, turnaround,

a decision to reverse an earlier decision
Synonyms: reversal, change of mind, flip-flop, turnaround,

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