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righting reflex sentence in Hindi

"righting reflex" meaning in Hindirighting reflex in a sentence
  • Proprioceptive ability tests are important in testing for righting reflex function.
  • The righting reflex is not exclusive to humans.
  • Also, see Cat righting reflex.
  • A well-known righting reflex in cats allows them to land on their feet after a fall.
  • This disorder can disrupt the function of the righting reflex as the symptoms of vertigo and disorientation prevent proper postural control.
  • Nystagmus in patients indicates dysfunction of the vestibular system, which can lead to dizziness and inability to complete a righting reflex.
  • General anaesthetics are often defined as compounds that induce a reversible loss of consciousness in humans or loss of righting reflex in animals.
  • Also lending credence to this myth is the fact that falling cats often land on their feet, using an instinctive righting reflex to twist their bodies around.
  • An animal is considered properly stunned when there is no " righting reflex "; that is, the animal must not try to stand up and right themself.
  • Does this self righting reflex extend to other members of the cat family, such as jaguars, cougars, or tigers ? talk ) 14 : 09, 19 May 2009 ( UTC)
  • Should a swimming scallop land on its left side, it is capable of flipping itself over to its right side via a similar shell-clapping movement called the " righting reflex ".
  • This is because cats were more able to complete the righting reflex rotation from a higher story, as they were able to reach terminal velocity, or free fall, and fell to the ground in a relaxed posture.
  • Behavioral changes can include lethargy, a failure to seek shelter, a failure to flee, a loss of righting reflex, and abnormal posture ( e . g . sitting with the hind legs away from the body ).
  • *An unconscious reaction is seen in the human proprioceptive reflex, or righting reflex  in the event that the body tilts in any direction, the person will cock their head back to level the eyes against the horizon.
  • These automatic postural adjustments can be explained in terms of two reflexes similar to the righting reflex : the "'vestibulo-ocular reflex ( VOR ) "'and the "'vestibulocollic reflex ( VCR ) " '.
  • While humans are by far the most common passengers, non-human animals have occasionally been involved in experiments, including a notable experiment on how weightlessness affected a Domestic cat's righting reflex and a pigeon's attempts to navigate in a weightless state.
  • The "'falling cat problem "'is a problem that consists of explaining the underlying physics behind the observation of the cat righting reflex : that is, how a free-falling body ( cat ) can change its orientation such that it is able to right itself as it falls to land on its feet, irrespective of its initial orientation, and without violating the law of conservation of angular momentum.

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