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roustabout sentence in Hindi

"roustabout" meaning in Hindiroustabout in a sentence
  • Here are those roustabout vaudevillians, Jackie " Moms"
  • A thousand roustabouts, aerialists and equestrians began looking for work.
  • The circus train held 400 performers and roustabouts of the circus.
  • The new roustabouts share the rig with tour groups during the day.
  • In private, he is just kind of a roustabout.
  • _Roustabouts ( and you thought Elvis had left the building ).
  • He also worked as a roustabout in the woolshed at Toorale Station.
  • Everyone is killed, except the narrator and the roustabout.
  • Sofie tries to leave her fortuneteller life behind by becoming a roustabout.
  • Seamen earned $ 634, mail carriers $ 647 and roustabouts $ 651.
  • The future need for roustabouts is limited, too.
  • As roustabouts leaped to install the tent poles, Weiss surveyed his handiwork.
  • But few birders can rival the adventures of Shire, a nature roustabout.
  • He ran away at 13 to travel with the circus as a roustabout.
  • Charlie becomes a " carnie ", a roustabout.
  • The Slamball team Rousties is named after a roustabout.
  • The company has run 420 new roustabouts through the week-long training course.
  • Roustabouts setting up carnival rides came running over at the sound of the blast.
  • Oil exploration boomed in tiny Equatorial Guinea, complete with Texas-accented roustabouts.
  • Gunter worked as an offshore roustabout and opened a business called Pineville Motor Parts.
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