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sabal sentence in Hindi

"sabal" meaning in Hindi
  • In English Sabal-Garh is " the strong fort ".
  • There is large concern for the destruction of the Sabal palm.
  • Amita and Sabal later task Ajay with confronting and killing Noore.
  • The Sabal Palm Trail is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail.
  • It is dotted with " Sabal bermudana " palmetto trees.
  • Exports are playing an increasingly important role for Venepal, Reyes Sabal said.
  • Unpruned sabal palms have done fine for centuries without help from the knife.
  • Pharaun remained loyal to Sabal, but eventually his other sister killed her.
  • He also helped update the sabal palm ".
  • A strangler fig entombed a tall sabal palm, leaving only the fronds visible.
  • Sabal palms, the state tree, fell.
  • It is currently the most northerly known native habitat of the Sabal minor palm.
  • The city planted five Sabal palms along the median in their children's memory.
  • Numerous sabal palms and dwarf palmettos create a lush tropical understory throughout the shady park.
  • Sabal is still on the table.
  • Ignore the fact that he can't tell a sabal palm from a Washingtonian palm.
  • The San Antonio area is at the westernmost limit for Cabbage palmetto ( Sabal palmetto ).
  • They are similar to the leaves of the palmettos of genus " Sabal ".
  • The chosen builders within Mahogany include : Jayman, Sabal, Stepper Homes and Trico Homes.
  • Scott and Alexis Adams also lived in Sabal Point at 454 Timber Ridge Drive in Longwood.
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