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sabbaths sentence in Hindi

"sabbaths" meaning in Hindisabbaths in a sentence
  • The Sabbath and holidays are very difficult for all of us,
  • Its failing is that it completes a Sabbath-violating circuit.
  • Both were teaching at the Temple Emanu-El Sabbath School.
  • This is a day in which we will observe the Sabbath,
  • She was one of the few Russians who observed the Sabbath.
  • And a child that's born on the Sabbath day,
  • The talks halted at sundown in honor of the Jewish Sabbath.
  • We now celebrated Thanksgiving on the Jewish holy day of Sabbath.
  • Throwing stones at cars on the Sabbath you find time for.
  • The law said you didn't work on the Sabbath.
  • Our exhibit is closed today so that we may observe Sabbath.
  • The Allman Brothers, Yes and Black Sabbath understood his pain.
  • On Saturday, the Sabbath, he gathers with his family.
  • Chretien has mocked Day for refusing to campaign on the Sabbath.
  • On Saturday, the school is closed for the Jewish Sabbath.
  • Each panel features what appears to be a Jewish sabbath menorah.
  • Israeli officials were unavailable for comment Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath.
  • The change would only be for Fridays, the Muslim sabbath.
  • Official business, including travel, is banned on the Sabbath.
  • Festivities had been delayed until Saturday night, after the Sabbath.
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