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sabbath school sentence in Hindi

"sabbath school" meaning in Hindi
  • Sometimes slaves established their own Sabbath schools to talk about the Scriptures.
  • Some called school activities taking place at church on Sunday, Sabbath School.
  • After Sabbath School the church service begins, usually at 11 : 00am.
  • Monthly Sabbath school concerts featured students'singing hymns and reciting passages from the Bible.
  • Also in 1917, his father appointed him General Superintendent of the Sabbath Schools.
  • Her activities included supporting the establishment of Sabbath schools in the black community.
  • Many Seventh-day Adventist communities hold their Sabbath Schools on Saturdays.
  • Willes served as a " Sabbath School missionary " after his arrival in Utah.
  • She organized a free Sabbath school for Jewish children.
  • Both were teaching at the Temple Emanu-El Sabbath School.
  • After removal to Kansas, the Wyandot had founded good libraries along with two thriving Sabbath schools.
  • It is also known as Sabbath School Hall.
  • During part of this time, he also worked as director of the General Conference Sabbath Schools.
  • The most prominent was Epps, who helped found the town library, a Sabbath school and a church.
  • In 1867, the church began use as a Sabbath School when a new sanctuary was built nearby.
  • She had received that medal from the settlement house for teaching at its Sabbath school, Schapiro said.
  • Of the 10 churches located in Hamburg, six of them offer a weekly Sunday or Sabbath school services.
  • Sabbath School lessons in 2007 2011.
  • For three years he was connected with Thomas Chalmers's Territorial church sabbath school in the West Port, Edinburgh.
  • During its first years many people united with the church from the Sabbath School ( Sunday School ).
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