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English-Hindi > sabbatical leave

sabbatical leave meaning in Hindi

sabbatical leave sentence in Hindi

सबैटिकल छुट्टी
sabbatical    अध्ययन प्रोत्साहन
leave    आज्ञा इजाज़त
1.All insurance benefits are continued during the terms of the sabbatical leave.

2.While at the University of Idaho, he received three sabbatical leave grants.

3.He took a sabbatical leave in 1932-1933 at the California Institute of Technology.

4.Teachers receive 1 / 2 their salary when on sabbatical leave.

5.Herty was granted a sabbatical leave for the 1899-1900 academic year.

6.That same summer, he was granted a sabbatical leave to travel to Constantinople.

7.Teachers on sabbatical leave receive 1 / 2 their salary.

8.When Moon was on sabbatical leave from 1926 1927, Brown served as Acting Dean.

9.Teachers may take a sabbatical leave at 1 / 2 pay for one year.

10.Benzies took sabbatical leave from Rockstar from 1 September 2014.

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a leave usually taken every seventh year
Synonyms: sabbatical,

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