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English-Hindi > sabbatum

sabbatum meaning in Hindi

sabbatum sentence in Hindi
1.The 12-track album _ called " Sabbatum,"

2.The day before Palm Sunday is Sabbatum in Traditione Symboli.

3.Http : / / www . sabbatum . com

4.Official album site : http : / / www . sabbatum . com _ _ _=

5.In 2002, he produced a medieval Black Sabbath tribute album " Sabbatum ", a collection of classic Sabbath tracks performed Latin by medieval music band Rondellus.

6.While this dispute with Collings was going on, Brabourne brought out an " Answer " to the " Sabbatum Redivivum ", & c ., of Daniel Cawdrey, rector of Great Billing, Northamptonshire.

7.Next came the " Sabbatum Magnum " ( " Great Sabbath ", i . e ., Holy Saturday or Easter Eve ) with its vigil, which in the early church was associated with an expectation that the second advent would occur on an Easter Sunday.

8.Though the American Classical League claims, " Metal fans will undoubtedly appreciate " Sabbatum ", " AllMusic claims, " Black Sabbath fans are unlikely to dig music as extremely mellow as this, though the album could serve as okay background music for yoga or a massage ."

9.William Cave wrote " . . . the Sabbath or'Saturday'( for so the word sabbatum is constantly used in the writings of the fathers, when speaking of it as it relates to Christians ) was held by them in great veneration, and especially in the Eastern parts honoured with all the public solemnities of religion.

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