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English-Hindi > sabena

sabena meaning in Hindi

sabena sentence in Hindi

• सैबीना
1.Loepfe said he expects Sabena to make a profit by 1998.

2.Sabena of Belgium and Swissair signed an accord with Delta Airlines.

3.Sabena Belgian World Airlines : ( 800 ) 955-2000.

4.The carriers had about 430 orders each before the Sabena announcement.

5.Sabena has lost money in 39 of the last 40 years.

6.The official, who demanded anonymity, also defended Sabena against British

7.Sabena is recovering after running up big debts in recent years.

8.Until then, Sabena will lease the aircraft back from EAL.

9.They gave me a ticket for tonight on a Sabena flight.

10.Swissair is part of a group including Sabena and Austrian Airlines.

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