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English-Hindi > sacrificial victim

sacrificial victim meaning in Hindi

sacrificial victim sentence in Hindi

sacrificial    बलि का यज्ञीय
victim    अहेर पीड़ित बलि
1.These stairways were used only by the priests and sacrificial victims.

2.When Andie is chosen as sacrificial victim she plans to escape.

3.This is accomplished and the pair are robed as sacrificial victims.

4.However, the sacrificial victims inauspicious and he got angry.

5.These sacrificial victims were intended to follow Pakal into Xibalba.

6.Human sacrificial victims in postclassic Mesoamerica were frequently daubed with this blue pigmentation.

7.Dongyi customs include burials with many sacrificial victims and veneration of the sun.

8.Standing in front of the refrigerated carcasses, I identified with the sacrificial victims.

9.Before the modern concept of the individual, the earliest exemplars were sacrificial victims.

10.In those works one sacrificial victim replaces another.

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