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saddling sentence in Hindi

"saddling" meaning in Hindisaddling in a sentence
  • Once I get into the saddle, the rest is easy.
  • So, is Tabasco Cat the best horse he ever saddled?
  • And Mike Smith was in the saddle that time, too.
  • In addition, the party is saddled with a substantial debt.
  • He grew up around them and was comfortable in the saddle.
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  • Buchanan's invitation to saddle up is a clarion call.
  • "You're tired and taking the saddle off.
  • Clinton seemed easier in the saddle than Dukakis in the tank.
  • Boston also continues to be saddled with Reggie Lewis'salary.
  • Check saddles ( low spots along a ridge ) for tracks.
  • Frankel saddles Eagle Eyed in today's Eddie Read Handicap.
  • For the moment, veteran Wade Wilson is in the saddle.
  • Watch the saddle bronc riding, rodeo's classic event.
  • My saddle shoes made me a better, more timid person.
  • The jockeys viewed the race from different perspectives from the saddle.
  • This milkshake will remind you of bobby socks and saddle shoes.
  • Now, he always has a couple of saddles on order.
  • A Swiss saddle with stirrups went for $ 80, 000.
  • Undoubtedly, Karl will feel like a horse with a saddle.
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