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English-Hindi > sciatica

sciatica meaning in Hindi

sciatica sentence in Hindi
1.Despite recurring sciatica, she finished Saturday in about 2 hours.

2.Nate McMillan lasted only six minutes before retiring with painful sciatica.

3.She had to retire from gymnastics aged 17 due to sciatica.

4.He missed one start after joining the Jets because of the sciatica.

5.One senior almost toppled and complained that his sciatica was killing him.

6.I get tingling in my hands and sciatica down my left leg.

7.The 62-year-old Djukic has pancreatic cancer and sciatica.

8.Djukic, 62, is suffering pancreatic cancer and sciatica.

9.The severity of sciatica can range from mild to excruciating.

10.The defensive right tackle will not play because of a recurring sciatica problem.

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neuralgia along the sciatic nerve

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