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English-Hindi > sculpturer

sculpturer meaning in Hindi

sculpturer sentence in Hindi
1.Donald Judd, a minimalist sculpturer, dies of lymphoma in New York at 65.

2.JingorM was a famous Edo period artist, designer, sculpturer, carpenter, and architect.

3.The sculpture collection has works by almost every major Roman sculpturer from the first half of the 18th century.

4.The collection also includes monocollections by sculpturers Olexander Sukholit ( over 40 works ), Oleksiy Vladimirov, Mykola Bilyk.

5.Upgrading of the station included letting parts of sculpture exhibitions by the Norwegian Sculpturer Society be placed inside the station area.

6.The Johansfors ", " �fors " and " Boda ", the latter being one part of the supplier for the glass sculpturer Kosta Boda.

7.In addition he became an authority on rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias and exhibited as a sculpturer of birds including one of fighting game birds; the sculpture is now owned by the Horsham Museum.

8.The selection of this design caused something of a public outcry, and as a result the design was modified to remove the statue from the top of the tower, and to instead feature sculpturer Juan Jos?Sicre's statue of Marti at the foot of the tower.

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