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English-Hindi > sculpturesque

sculpturesque meaning in Hindi

sculpturesque sentence in Hindi
1.She is working three-dimesionally, in a sphere and sculpturesque.

2.Bharatanatyam is a traditional dance-form known for its grace, purity, tenderness, and sculpturesque poses.

3.Like ships floating upon a vast undulating sea, the sculpturesque buildings appear to float on the grass lawns.

4.Seven Works of Mercy, forming a continuous band of sculpture in high relief, designed in a very broad sculpturesque way, but with somewhat crude colouring.

5.The tendency was to use this metal for large works of an architectural or sculpturesque nature; while at the same time smaller objects were produced for domestic purposes.

6.Here, in the fresh early-morn, charged with dew and mist, he finds his subjects, overlooking magnificent panoramas of river, hillsides covered with heather, across valleys and plains from which loom out sculpturesque masses of foliage, dark and strong against the blue mist and distant mountain ridge.

resembling sculpture; "her finely modeled features"; "rendered with...vivid sculptural effect"; "the sculpturesque beauty of the athletes'' bodies"
Synonyms: modeled, sculptural, sculptured,

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