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English-Hindi > abusively" sentence in Hindi

abusively in a sentence

31.However these two latest accounts are clearly related to one another and are editing abusively.

32.The key question is whether they do it productively or whether they do it abusively.

33."We don't understand why Haiti is being abusively singled out ."

34.S / he was permabanned for " sockpuppet used abusively; vandalism " back in April.

35.To me, it's abusively using government powers to interfere in individuals'privacy.

36.I have not edited abusively as though in need of a warning, of any kind.

37.I haven't yet seen evidence here that he was using the second account abusively.

38.:Of course Pedro, in this case we are preventing people from being treated abusively.

39.*The following editors are the same editor, and these accounts have been used abusively.

40.In the early years after its construction, the complex was abusively occupied by homeless families.

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