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English-Hindi > abusively

abusively meaning in Hindi

abusively sentence in Hindi
1.A dozen men commit adultery or act abusively toward their families.

2.abusively using sockpuppets to further disrupt Wikipedia, despite his ban.

3.Kauffner has been indeffed for abusively using one or more accounts.

4.It is wrong to use alcohol illegally, compulsively, or abusively.

5.The complainant considered that the secrecy clause was used abusively.

6.In this case, Butserioulyfolks was most definitely acting abusively.

7.This has been used abusively on the Dieter F . Uchtdorf article.

8.I'm not aware of them being used abusively.

9.ScienceApologist has used sockpuppets abusively, according to a previous ArbCom case.

10.*Speedy Keep-Abusively nominated for deletion 2 minutes after creation.

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in an abusive manner; "he behaved abusively toward his children"

in an abusive manner; "he behaved abusively toward his children"

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