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English-Hindi > aegir" sentence in Hindi

aegir in a sentence

21.During the period when both the Kolbeinsey and Aegir ridges were active, the microcontinent underwent a 30? 50?anti-clockwise rotation.

22.Also, for the sake of transparency, I go by'ergonlogic'in the Drupal ( and thus Aegir ) community.

23.However, Van Dam offered spare parts from the scrapped MV Aegir, including a badly needed second generator and radio transmitter spare parts.

24.The sword was inscribed with dragon ship is Ellida, the first ship in the North, given to him as a gift by Aegir.

25."Aegir " returned to the west coast of the United States on 11 September and was moored at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

26.Buffy begins to question her decision as well as her actions when innocent humans, including some of her friends, begin to transform into Aegir followers.

27.The two variants are both based on the AEGIR design from Britain's Daewoo in South Korea with final outfitting in the UK and Norway respectively.

28.Similarly the name of the article on the Nordic god �gir is so spelt, with redirects from the Anglicised form Aegir and the Swedish spelling �gir.

29.In December 2015, the IAU announced the winning names were " Ran " for the star and " AEgir " for the planet.

30.This was caused by the northeastward propagation of the Kolbeinsey Ridge, with simultaneous reduction in the rate of spreading at the southwestern end of the Aegir Ridge.

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