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English-Hindi > aegir" sentence in Hindi

aegir in a sentence

31.Until the early 2000s club members of Laga, Aegir, Skadi and Njord would fight earlier in the rowing season for the supposed victory in the Varsity.

32.Despite the training wall and a mini-lighthouse called'spring tides ), and there is a tidal bore on the Trent ( the Trent Aegir ).

33.The ISAF Air Force subsequently destroys the Erusian " Invincible Fleet " Aegir Fleet moored at Comberth Harbor, thwarting the Erusians'attempts to invade North Point by sea.

34.The Moruach and the Aegeirie are their names, the latter being followers of the immense sea beast Aegir who was once captured by the Moruach but later set free.

35.In addition to the GUI, Aegir can be accessed via the command line or an API, which enables the automation of many website-related system administration processes.

36.There, she furnished services to submarines awaiting decommissioning . " Aegir " was placed out of commission, in reserve, at Mare Island on 18 October 1946.

37.Inside, Sif, Freyja, and Vali kill the captured and mortally wounded Viking, Aegir, to free him from his own pain, and are then confronted by Hel.

38.Advisers include Senior Climate Change Advisor to GRID-Arendal Polar Center John Crump, Icelandic Ambassador to Canada Thordur Aegir Oskarsson, and Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies Professor Rolf Tamnes.

39.While Thor examines the Ancient device, he is contacted by Aegir, commander of the Valhalla, who tells him that they found the remains of a human-form Replicator in space.

40."' East Stockwith "'is a village within the civil parish of East Stockwith, in the West Lindsey River Trent Aegir, a tidal bore, reaches the village.

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