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English-Hindi > ailerons" sentence in Hindi

ailerons in a sentence

11.Horn balanced ailerons were fitted to both upper and lower wings.

12.The latter carried ailerons over the whole of its trailing edges.

13.Mass balanced ailerons filled more than half of the trailing edge.

14.Full span ailerons were fitted to both upper and lower wings.

15.The slotted ailerons could be drooped together to function as flaps.

16.The short span ailerons extend to the squared-off tips.

17.There were externally interconnected ailerons on both upper and lower wings.

18.The ailerons and dive brakes automatically hook up on aircraft assembly.

19.Ailerons and mono wheel under the wing and a small tailwheel.

20.The ailerons are gapless and split into pairs on either side.

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