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English-Hindi > alfresco" sentence in Hindi

alfresco in a sentence

11.This included anchor tenant, alfresco-dining area on the first floor.

12.Darby Street has approximately 25 restaurants and caf�s some which enjoy alfresco dining.

13.He continued to play alfresco on Chicago's West Side for decades.

14.Seldom is the play presented completely alfresco as in this Lincoln Center Theater production.

15.And I have no romance with alfresco performance.

16.After dining alfresco, our group split up.

17.Alfresco comes in two flavours [ 2 ].

18.Alfresco Community Edition is free software, GPL licensed open source and open standards.

19.Another upscale 24 / 7 alfresco strip called Gateway Park is now under construction.

20.The'Star'restaurant is in the west end of alfresco deck alongside.

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