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English-Hindi > alfresco" sentence in Hindi

alfresco in a sentence

21.For an easy decoration, particularly for alfresco dining, use those boots as vases.

22.Dine alfresco at El Aljibe, where it's chicken done every which way.

23.Wide, multilevel boulevards accommodate crowds and allow space for alfresco dining and street entertainment.

24.The men with a trade, woodcarvers, sit on the ground of alfresco studios.

25.Anyone can master a few simple grilling techniques and serve up a tasty alfresco feast.

26.Stockholm residents seem to be dedicated alfresco diners, whether or not the weather cooperates.

27.Examples : IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco, WareITis Technologies'Records Studio.

28.The hotel grew to become a popular haunt by locals for alfresco dining and dancing.

29.A walled-in courtyard has a soothing fountain and a covered patio for alfresco dining.

30.You can eat inside or get walk-up service and munch on that burger alfresco.

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