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English-Hindi > alfresco" sentence in Hindi

alfresco in a sentence

41.The Vancouver Art Gallery holds many of his notable works, including " Alfresco ".

42.Most Old Plovdiv restaurants have pleasant garden courts and offer alfresco dining and a lot of local atmosphere.

43.Its downtown is filled with trendy shops and restaurants where sidewalks serve as patios for people dining alfresco.

44.One night during an alfresco, candlelit dinner under an oversized canopy, there was a horrendous downpour.

45.But you don't have to be Thoreau to value the elemental pleasures of an alfresco soakdown.

46.Moviegoers can be seen bustling about the alfresco cafes and markets in bright head scarves and long robes.

47.Sally's Place has recipes and suggestions for everything from a tailgate picnic to a rooftop alfresco affair.

48.When ants interrupt an act of alfresco coitus, she sensibly grabs a broom and sweeps the suckers away.

49.Orchids now sprout in the atrium, where the family dines alfresco beside an orange globe-shaped barbecue.

50.The Verandah can seat up to 80 indoors with alfresco dining on the patio for up to 60 diners.

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