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English-Hindi > beaning" sentence in Hindi

beaning in a sentence

21.The franchise has executed a self-beaning.

22.This makes beaning a batter who already has one hit a good managerial strategy.

23.Zimmer has a plate in his head, the result of a 1953 beaning.

24.He has a plate in his head as a result of a 1953 beaning.

25.Making light of the Jim Leyritz beaning.

26.Of course, he suffered a serious beaning, but that was in his youth.

27.Before Game 2, Torre had complained about the incessant TV replays of the beaning.

28.Sosa has played 132 games, missing time because of a beaning and a suspension.

29.Otherwise, the normally talkative Vaughn didn't feel much like talking about the beaning.

30.But he indicated he believed there could be exceptions if the beaning was clearly not intentional.

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