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English-Hindi > beaning" sentence in Hindi

beaning in a sentence

41.The notion that his vision actually has improved since his beaning " definitely sounds right,"

42.Clemens said he wanted to pitch inside, but said the beaning was accidental and left him shaken.

43.Greenberg suffered a mild concussion as a result of the beaning, and still suffers from positional vertigo.

44.He had ignored sciatica for years, played with broken bones, and even the day after a beaning.

45.But Clemens'voice seemed to sink a bit when asked about the reaction to Piazza's beaning.

46.Tony Conigliaro went down ( season-ending beaning ), and Dick was able to get Kenny Harrelson.

47.He also survived an early-season beaning and regrouped to reach 100 RBIs for a ninth straight year.

48.Greenberg suffered a mild concussion as a result of the beaning, and was immediately removed from the game.

49.Moore was out for a few weeks and was affected by this beaning for the rest of his life.

50.Imagine first baseman Tino Martinez needing a month to come out of a funk after a beaning by Armando Benitez.

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