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English-Hindi > beaning" sentence in Hindi

beaning in a sentence

31.Piazza's beaning has provided ample fodder for the New York media in recent days.

32.Sosa sustained a few small cuts, but the beaning stunned him more than anything else.

33.Dickie Thon returned from a gruesome beaning in 1984, but never matched his earlier success.

34.Mets manager Bobby Valentine spoke with Cardinals counterpart Tony La Russa about the beaning after the game.

35.Clemens will be facing the Mets for the first time since beaning Mike Piazza on July 9.

36.Cone's disclaimer that the beaning was unintentional did little to soothe feelings in the Oakland clubhouse.

37."But I wouldn't say when I went into a slump it was the beaning.

38.The beaning was not forgotten when the M's arrived in New York a few days later.

39.First baseman Don Mattingly and Yankee skipper Buck Showalter re-emphasized that the beaning had been intentional.

40.Yet even before the beaning, Gilkey said, eye doctors suggested that he try glasses or contacts.

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