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English-Hindi > bilked" sentence in Hindi

bilked in a sentence

31.The Justice Department says that it has a responsibility to protect the taxpayers from being bilked.

32.Losers included retirees who were bilked of sums in the six figures, the SEC said.

33.While only two victims lost money, one was bilked out of $ 30, 000.

34.Consumers who said they were bilked don't have to pay what they were billed.

35.The documents found that insurance companies bilked hundreds of policyholders following the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake.

36.Bobby bilked money out of Edmund Grey before leaving town, without a goodbye to Palmer.

37.In a sworn affidavit in 1992, Maffia claimed King bilked Tyson of large sums of money.

38.A Florida company bilked Medicare of $ 5.4 million in false claims for medical equipment.

39.It gambled with investments, cooked the books and ultimately bilked the taxpayers of the United States.

40.Authorities said they believe Stearns bilked $ 31 million from investors from March 1998 until this July.

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