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English-Hindi > bilked" sentence in Hindi

bilked in a sentence

41.In all, the scheme bilked investors out of more than $ 100 million, investigators said.

42.From a practical standpoint, the most important protection for a bilked investor is recovery of losses.

43.Federal investigators contend that he bilked about 800 investors out of dlrs 593 million over 15 years.

44.The FBI said Abrams, through his Pheonix Financial Groups, bilked investors out of $ 19 million.

45.Black still faces Florida charges that he bilked millions of dollars from about a dozen professional football players.

46.The men who worked this form of confidence game often acted as gigolos to the widows they bilked.

47.Asked Muhammad Ali, who filed suit against King after allegedly being bilked of more than $ 1 million.

48.Since time immemorial, the fate of consumers here has been to be milked, bilked and treated dismissively.

49.According to the charges, the defendants bilked thousands of consumers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

50.Prosecutors say Manrique devised an elaborate pyramid scheme that bilked 160, 000 people out of dlrs 350 million.

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