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English-Hindi > cadaverous" sentence in Hindi

cadaverous in a sentence

11.The opportunity for them to contaminate their hands with cadaverous particles was thereby greatly reduced.

12.But when he returns _ looking lean and cadaverous and malevolent _ the mystery only intensifies.

13.They are a formal, cadaverous lot given to mirthless giggles and convulsive, rasping gasps.

14.Impoverished families squatted like tinkers in blocks of cadaverous abandoned buildings, fearing the nightly arsonists.

15.Greg Hicks, a tall, almost cadaverous actor, has a sonorous, often sardonic voice.

16.Tensions came to a boiling point within The Limit Club and Cadaverous Joel was asked to leave.

17.Each time the Rolling Stones tour, their cadaverous looks are more wildly at odds with their material.

18.Sliders controlled the eyebrows, mouth and forehead, producing a variety of eerily lifelike yet cadaverous expressions.

19.Semmelweis's decision stopped the ongoing contamination of patients mostly pregnant women with " cadaverous particles ".

20.Reviewing the second production, Atkinson called Leeds " a cadaverous, loose-jointed noody ."

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