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English-Hindi > cadaverous" sentence in Hindi

cadaverous in a sentence

41.He is described as lean or cadaverous, and says to Denniston that he also knows the Wallaces of Little Tinney, Berkshire.

42.On the one hand you have a cantankerous, cadaverous recovering drug addict with a caustic sense of humor and no sense of propriety.

43.At Wednesday's 15-minute hearing, Manson, known for his ghastly, cadaverous look and macabre lyrics, sat silently.

44.He also uses the sobriquet " Antichrist Superstar, " and is known for his ghastly, cadaverous look and macabre lyrics.

45.They appear as cadaverous humanoid creatures that attack at close range with their claws and from a distance by vomiting projectiles of green goo.

46.Here and there stand naked children so cadaverous they seem to have no bottoms, so emaciated their knees are bigger around than their thighs.

47.Reinventing Macduff as a vegetarian cop investigating Duncan's death, Christopher Walken soldiers through with all the cadaverous panache we expect of him.

48.Diego doesn't sneer, but he might as well, and Manfred's deadpan is so severe it verges on the cadaverous.

49.In the first of these, published in 1855, he mentions Semmelweis in connection with his discussion of cause number 28, cadaverous poisoning.

50.But 30 years ago, I starved myself down to a cadaverous 106 pounds ( from an already skinny 125 ) because of the Vietnam War.

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