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English-Hindi > cadaverous" sentence in Hindi

cadaverous in a sentence

21.And Geraldine Chaplin finally gets to put her cadaverous beauty to good use as the ghost of Christmas future.

22.In April 2014, a photo depicting a cadaverous Lee was released online, drawing strong reactions from netizens.

23.Howard Smith, a former judge, was the cadaverous old Virginia Democrat who chaired the powerful House Rules Committee.

24.John Carradine, sepulchral voice still booming from that improbably lean, cadaverous frame, was quietly passing through town.

25.Occasionally in music videos, composers are caricatured as cadaverous old men in wigs, sonically blown away by guitars.

26.But the cadaverous Schreck isn't just playing a part; he turns out to be the real thing.

27.A visitor described their appearance as " cadaverous " and said that " they all looked in poor health ".

28.In a textbook, Braun identified 30 causes of childbed fever; only the 28th of these was cadaverous infection.

29.What, I wondered, made the cadaverous, just-back-from-Auschwitz look preferable to pleasingly plump?

30.Or perhaps the cadaverous janitor ( Julian Richings ) who looks like an extra from " The Crucible "?

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