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English-Hindi > caftan" sentence in Hindi

caftan in a sentence

11.There were also loose caftans and light coats inspired by clerics'robes.

12.The birthday boy wore a caftan and a court jester's cap.

13.Hazmi answered, wearing the thin blue caftan that serves as his nightshirt.

14.A sheer black caftan was worn over pants.

15.Dolce and Gabbana _ great suits and caftans.

16.Fendi _ more caftans and night gown dresses.

17.It also sponsors " Caftan ", an annual commercial fashion event.

18.The caftan is exotic, and it was a general trend for the summer season.

19.Caftans and other separates also are available in large sizes at The Forgotten Woman stores.

20.And she wears caftans all the time.

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