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English-Hindi > caftan" sentence in Hindi

caftan in a sentence

31.Well, the great Orson Welles used to wear a caftan toward the end of his career.

32.Their outfits _ his blue, hers orange _ resemble off-the-rack discount caftans.

33.In 1960, inspired by the movie " slips and caftans, making underwear resemble outerwear.

34.Before him were carried the sword of honour and the caftan to be presented to the Bey.

35.In addition to swimsuits, Gottex produces caftans, tunics and trousers, combining swimwear and beachwear.

36.Featured silhouettes included wrap dresses, mini tunics, maxi-skirts, caftans, and sundresses.

37.Replete with black caftans and beaver hats, the community flourished with the growth of Hasidic movements worldwide.

38.Next to some of the more overblown concoctions of the week, that simple caftan looked utterly modern.

39.The caftan is of ancient Mesopotamian origin, and was worn by many middle-eastern ethnic groups.

40.Diana Vreeland, Babe Paley, and Barbara Hutton all helped popularize the caftan into mainstream western fashion.

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