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English-Hindi > carburetor" sentence in Hindi

carburetor in a sentence

11.All feature a bottom-mounted updraft carburetor fuel delivery system.

12.Fuel-air mixture was generated by a Solex 4A1 carburetor.

13.Twin SU carburetors were fitted, with upgraded models from 1957.

14.These carburetors found use in Maserati and Alfa Romeo racing cars.

15.The carburetor had iced up and caused a serious power loss.

16.In a carbureted engine, it is found in the carburetor.

17.Some Brockway trucks were equipped with 2G ( DualJet ) carburetors.

18.Until then, it retained the AMC engine with a carburetor.

19.Power output was up to, due to a new carburetor.

20.Mostly the same as 1985 but with a Mikuni VM34SS carburetor.

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