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English-Hindi > carburetor" sentence in Hindi

carburetor in a sentence

41.All 3.4 variants used the 38DGAS Weber carburetor with venturis.

42.It initially had a 2-barrel Motorcraft 2150 carburetor.

43.This engine used carburetors instead of the Nissan ECCS fuel injection system.

44.The 240Z used twin SU one-barrel side-draft Carburetors.

45.The carburetor air was filtered by bubbling it through a water tank.

46.The carburetor engine was still fitted standard, and EFI was optional.

47.It produces and the version with twin side draught SU carburetors produces.

48.A new air intake fed a 4-barrel Holly R6909 carburetor.

49.Older engines drew air directly from the surroundings into each individual carburetor.

50.Icing occurs when the humid, ice can form inside the carburetor.

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