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English-Hindi > carburetor" sentence in Hindi

carburetor in a sentence

21.The single-carburetor version uses a Bing model 54 carburetor.

22.The single-carburetor version uses a Bing model 54 carburetor.

23.Each carburetor was hand-calibrated in a pressure controlled room.

24.Float type carburetors work best when in a stable operating condition.

25.The six cylinder engines were fitted with a new Carter carburetor.

26.Gone was Pontiac's famed Tri-Power triple carburetor setup.

27.Usually, the carburetor restrictor plate heads the list here.

28.The box is an attempt to uniformly force air into the carburetor.

29.Men inevitably suggested parts of a car _ manual windows and carburetors.

30.Another alternative is to go to a smaller engine or carburetor size.

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