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English-Hindi > chippie" sentence in Hindi

chippie in a sentence

21.For low cost, a plain, particle-board coffin ( known in the trade as a " chippie " ) can be used.

22.Intercepting and taping race results to be replayed after a two-minute delay, he gives Gail and Chippie time to place substantial bets.

23."Chippie " opened Wednesday night in the John Jay Theater at Lincoln Center and runs through Saturday as part of the Serious Fun festival.

24."We missed two of three little chippie shots inside, and those are the ones that you don't get that often ."

25.The Cafolla owned chippie is still operating under different ownership and is situated next to the shop at the corner of Blarney Park ( formally Greenes Drapers ).

26.Another successful program on computer topics for adolescent radio listeners was " Chippie " from the Hessischer Rundfunk ( Hessian Broadcasting ), starting in 1990.

27.With no alternative, Harry and his family are forced to pack their bags and reluctantly join ` Uncle Spiros?to live above the neglected Three Brothers chippie.

28.On a recent blustery afternoon, William Wegman, 53, was being led around SoHo by his two Weimaraners, Batty, 8, and Chippie, 2.

29.In New Zealand, Sanitarium, the NZ Marmite company, recommends spreading it on bread with potato chips added to make a " Marmite and Chippie " sandwich.

30.With the help of Gail and Chippie, he taps into a phone line to a mob betting parlor in Las Vegas and pulls off a pass-post swindle.

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