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English-Hindi > chippie" sentence in Hindi

chippie in a sentence

31."I tell him, I say, Uncle Robert, you're still so handsome, you could leave Naomi for some 50-year-old chippie.

32.:The Dutch Caribbean Stars is an AllStar team that played in one Chippie Polar Cup, but in other friendly tournaments in Aruba, Suriname and the Netherlands as well.

33.Otherwise, the best-known singers are Bertha ( Chippie ) Hill, Sippie Wallace and Victoria Spivey, whose records have slipped in and out of print since the 1970s.

34.Britain's most-recent " Spam Chippie of the Year " title went to Francine's chip shop in Plymouth, England for the excellence of its Spam fritters.

35.She was a contemporary of the better-known recording artists Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Clara Smith, Victoria Spivey, Sippie Wallace, and Bertha " Chippie " Hill.

36.I think you guys are confusing the Dutch Caribbean Stars with the Netherlands Antilles national team, which has played in more Chippie Polar / Expo Cups than the Dutch Caribbean Stars.

37.So Batty and Chippie remain firm in their identity as Wegman dogs, but does the artist consider them pets or, as some would prefer, " animal companions "?

38.Lebara said it would retain the Chippie name in the Netherlands, which is designed to address migrant communities from North and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia.

39.A 3-pointer by Greg Minor and a chippie from Derrick Higgins brought CSUN within 78-75 with 1 : 30 left, the closest it had been since the first half.

40.The Nets had been down by 9 with 6 minutes 16 seconds left, and then Aaron Williams was back-rimming a chippie that would have tied the score at 78-78.

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