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English-Hindi > dartboard" sentence in Hindi

dartboard in a sentence

21.Last year's dartboard face is this year's GQ cover boy.

22.All the rain softened the TPC at Southwind greens and turned them into dartboards.

23.Recently, some companies have produced electronic dartboards.

24.There have been several mathematical papers published that consider the " optimal " dartboard.

25.The dartboard's numbers are positioned just as they are in real darts.

26.You can blindfold a man and ask him to throw darts at a dartboard.

27.Someone got a cool dartboard, and so I went for a similarly sized box.

28.The wings are hot, the beer is cold, and the dartboard is busy.

29.Silver Buffalo designs Jim Beam wall art, dartboards and accessories for home recreational use.

30.The distance is set at from the " back " of the dartboard.

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