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English-Hindi > dartboard" sentence in Hindi

dartboard in a sentence

31.A Red Boot Pub dartboard can be found in the Finnerty household in the livingroom.

32.A circular, multi-colored cork dartboard is just bigger than a store bought pizza.

33.The NBA handles it internally, and it is believed a dartboard and dice are involved.

34."I don't think the American people want the politics of the dartboard.

35.These dartboards have electronic scoring computers that are preprogrammed with a wide variety of game types.

36.Williams also did it with a pitching rotation that usually consisted of Pedro Martinez and a dartboard.

37.For steel tipped darts, it is generally from the face of the dartboard, measured horizontally.

38.The clubhouse has a snooker table, dartboards, table football and Sky TV / BT Sports.

39.A picture of former Baltimore Colts owner Robert Irsay is pinned on Frank Sobotka's dartboard.

40.He would also put a newspaper over the dartboard and hit bullseyes or 180s through the paper.

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