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English-Hindi > dartboard" sentence in Hindi

dartboard in a sentence

41.His onetime savior and first pro coach, Don Nelson, was looking like a human dartboard again.

42.There was, however, no argument whatsoever about giving the Golden Dartboard to lifestyle doyenne Martha Stewart.

43.And I don't blame anyone who loses his or her appetite for being the media dartboard.

44.After the A-Rod contract, Hicks was a national dartboard, particularly on the East Coast.

45."My face is sure to be on many dartboards around the country, " he said.

46.Burkle knew his plan was not being followed when he learned of a dartboard hanging in the Kmart boardroom.

47.Lowe is six years older and has already been an All-Star and a dartboard ornament in Boston.

48."Baseball Darts " is also the name of a game played on a different type of specialized dartboard.

49.When TJ discovers the dartboard, he confronts Ben telling him he will make his life a living hell.

50."I've been involved with the dartboard approach, when nothing sets anything else up,"

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