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English-Hindi > darter" sentence in Hindi

darter in a sentence

11.The reproductive season of the gilt darter is in the spring.

12.In Virginia, gilt darters were reported to spawn in May.

13.Larger adults will eat small fish such as the johnny darter.

14.Babbitt spoke of spotted owls, snail darters, salmon and loggers.

15.He's a darter and makes the tacklers miss.

16.The rice provides habitat for the fountain darter, an endangered fish.

17.The maximum possible lifespan of darters seems to be about sixteen years.

18.The wetlands feature several osprey nests, spoonbill and darters.

19.The lifespan of the snail darter ranges between 2 and 4 years.

20.A declining groundwater table has eliminated darter breeding sites in some areas.

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