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English-Hindi > darter" sentence in Hindi

darter in a sentence

41.Dr . Carey C . Womble proposed the blue darter, which won.

42.Maish threw six perfect darts and perhaps thought of a 9-darter.

43.The tangerine darter does not care for its eggs.

44.Logperch eggs hatch much earlier than typical darter eggs.

45.Storm's stork and the Oriental darter can be found in wetlands.

46.The Niangua darter was historically widespread and abundant in these rivers and streams.

47.Darter would have stopped breathing within three to five minutes after losing consciousness.

48.Inevitably linked to water are also pelicans and darters.

49.The mud darter does not have an adipose fin.

50.The lollipop darter is in the group known as egg-mimic darters.

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