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English-Hindi > darter" sentence in Hindi

darter in a sentence

21.Stream flow modification through channelization and dredging can also affect darter populations.

22.E-1, Study I-J : Okaloosa darter investigation.

23.Wilkinson was awarded the Silver Star for his service aboard the Darter.

24.Near threatened birds include the Siamese fireback and Oriental darter.

25.She previously captained the AIS Canberra Darters in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy.

26.Ringwood is a American brook lamprey, and rainbow darter.

27.The caudal fin is typically rounded or square in the mud darter.

28.The splendid darter is a benthopelagic fish that occupies a freshwater habitat.

29.The small size of the darter makes effective electroshocking difficult.

30.Several predatory piscivorous fishes commonly prey on the wounded darter.

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