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English-Hindi > darting" sentence in Hindi

darting in a sentence

11.They were sharp, darting, glowing eyes that were wide open.

12.Davis is a quick, darting runner with excellent hands.

13.Ms . Kronenberg looked delicate in the small darting steps.

14.She sat on a chair, eyes darting about and chest heaving.

15.A toothless smile had replaced the vacant stares and the darting glances.

16.Tiny men, skinny men, darting around all those plodding oafs.

17.His darting eyes, filled with agony, told a different story.

18.Behind his narrow eyes you can see a darting, improvisational intelligence.

19.He hesitates, his eyes darting, his face anxious.

20.Just ask for the Darting riesling in the big bottle.

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