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English-Hindi > darting

darting meaning in Hindi

darting sentence in Hindi
1.And then there is Kaufman, darting this way and that.

2.Characters are constantly darting through false bookcases and vanishing behind trapdoors.

3.Smith is a darting runner who can throw on the move.

4.CITIZEN _ Immigrants darting between cars, focused on their destination.

5.Mosquitoes can fly up to 10 mph, darting between raindrops.

6.But the youngsters are eager, darting from item to item.

7.Maybe your headlights have caught a doe darting across the blacktop.

8.His quick mind and darting energy caught Mangera's eye.

9.Their darting eyes were alert for customers _ and the police.

10.Luminous darting streaks and deafening bangs and booms enlivens the atmosphere.

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