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English-Hindi > darting" sentence in Hindi

darting in a sentence

41.He was affectionately known throughout the darting world as " the Fatman ".

42.He's a darting type ."

43.Griff Braun and Sandra Brown, darting and mischievous, were among the soloists.

44.Rosado made the Yankees look ill while darting past danger in almost every inning.

45.But his eyes were darting back and forth.

46.They honk at pedestrians darting across the road.

47."He's much more of a darting-type skill player.

48.So who is darting to E-fares?

49.The little boy was darting about, and his father was becoming increasingly exasperated.

50.In the Canadian Rockies, my companions were the deer darting beneath gleaming glaciers.

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