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English-Hindi > deadfall" sentence in Hindi

deadfall in a sentence

21.If this deadfall fruit is collected and sold and eaten, without high temperature cooking, outbreaks of disease are likely.

22.With its deadfall, followed by colonies of termites, ants, and mites, which all help decompose the remaining wood.

23.A stalker goes after Iditarod racer Jessie's sled dogs, then her in " Deadfall " by Sue Henry.

24.Near the end of his life he played character roles including Deadfall " ( 1968 ), both for director Bryan Forbes.

25.In 1994-1995 he lived three months in Australia to shoot three episodes of the Australian series " Deadfall ")

26.But here in Abingdon, the follies have names that refer to nature, not culture : " The Deadfall Dome,"

27.(If you're interested in such a thing, " Deadfall " is currently making the cable movie channel rounds ).

28.Deadfall : Adventures was released on November 15, 2013 for Windows and Xbox 360, and on October 28, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

29.Pine martens suffered as well, for they favor tunnels created by deadfall and snow in old growth forests to hide from predators and stalk prey.

30.Examples include the punji sticks mentioned above and deadfall traps which employ heavy objects set up to fall on and crush whoever disturbs the trigger mechanism.

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