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English-Hindi > deadfall" sentence in Hindi

deadfall in a sentence

41.You cross little Deadfall Creek, a pretty brook, now crystal clear, then take a short cutoff over the rise, and coming into view is the full expanse of Deadfall Lake.

42.2005 also saw the release of the band's first EP, Ordeal By Fire, featuring a combination of updated versions of Thompson's old Polaris era songs and Deadfall originals.

43.The figure-four deadfall is a popular and simple trap constructed from materials found in the bush ( three sticks with notches cut into them, plus a heavy rock or other heavy object ).

44.In summer, the Mount Eddy Trail is one of the best hikes in California, starting out as an easy 3-mile saunter to beautiful Middle Deadfall Lake, popular for visitors of all ages.

45."Another trapper says : In my opinion trapping is an art and any trapper that is not able to make and set a deadfall, when occasion demands, does not belong to the profession.

46.""'Deadfall " "'is a 2012 crime drama film directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky, written by Zach Dean and starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, and Charlie Hunnam.

47.I recently did a movie for my brother Christopher ( Coppola ), called ` Deadfall,'and he gave me the room to, basically, try to be the biofeedback of an electric guitar ."

48.The Himalayan monal ( " Lophophorus impejanus " ) has been observed digging in the rotting wood of deadfall in a similar manner to woodpeckers to extract invertebrates, even bracing itself with aid of its squared tail.

49.Elements from various Audio Visuals plays also appear in Gary Russell's contributions to the licensed " Doctor Who " novel ranges published by Virgin and the BBC, most notably in " Deadfall ".

50.The first 2.5 miles are nearly level to pretty Middle Deadfall Lake, then it's a 1, 700-foot climb over 3.5 miles to the top . ( 916 ) 926-4511.

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